when you act out, you dress out.

When you look at the fashion of the oscars, you saw a varity this year. Gowns and suits, it was a medley of the best custom gowns, and the most tailored suits. It seems like the best dressed won, literally. From Christoph Waltz' (who won best supporting actor) Prada tuxedo, to Daniel Day Lewis' Domenico Vacca suit, the best looking guys won the Oscar for their respective fields.
Does this mean that what you have to look the part to win? If that was the case the genius work of Quentin Tarintino wouldn't have achieved an award. His suit looked liek it need a dire need of an iron, and Mark Andrews kilt would have see a pilar of fire instead of that pleasing golden man.

making a decision on the ladies fashions tonight might have been a hard one. This year everyone's stylist deserved a raised. Not one bad gown in site. Maybe not everyone's taste, but every women loked gorgeous in their own right. For supporting actress, Anne Hathaway took home the prize. Of course, her role as Fantine was supurb. She decided for a blush Prada gown, that had a lot of resembles for Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Ralph Lauren dress. The dress was a complete opposite of what she wore for her premier and press apparances, her apperance then was dark and gothic. At this years Oscars, she seemed happy and confident about taking it home this time. Her gown and performance were both appreciated on my ebd. I happened to think she looked amazing.
Now on to my favorite part of the night, Jennifer Lawerence's Dior Couture gown was breath taking. She looked elegant but still fresh and young. Her spirit was high. and when she won she was completely shocked and humbled. She was the best actress and best dressed. When i saw her I knew she was going to win. She looked like a winner. She looked like "Yes, I acted my ass off in this movie and I look amazing so I know I'm going to win."